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Aluminum Holder Aluminum Holders
Available in gold, silver & black
Sizes: 2" x 8", 2" x 10", 2" x 12"
Black Frame 1.75" x 9" Nameplate with Black Plastic Frame
Attached with inverted "U" clip
Double-sided tape or velcro
Walnut Easel 2" x 10" with a Walnut Easel
Clear Partition Stand 2" x 7" Double-Sided Nameplate with a Clear Partition Stand
Colors: Burgundy/White, Light Gray/Black, Blue Gray/White
1.5" x 9" available in Mauve/White
Clear U-Clip 4" x 4" Parchment Color Nameplate with Inverted "U" Clip
ADA Nameplate 4.75" x 6" ADA Nameplate
Color: Black
With building/location number
Hangs on office partition
Custom Signage Custom Signage
Custom-sized to 12" x 24"
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